phil-flash's Avatar This never ending adventure began in 2002, with a couple of local amateur girls. First, there was MeganQt, a cute 18 year old athletic girl, with the most beautiful crown of curly hair and legs and ass to die for. Then came Tiffany Teen, this girl has gorgeous platinum blonde hair and a priceless face. More and more amateur teens became phil-flash girls, to include Next Door Nikki and Princess Blueyez. I cannot imagine and end to collecting hot girls, unless I am six feet under, so stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned!

The never ending adventure began with non nude pictures and videos of amateur teen girls... this "genre" was teasing THE-HOLY-SHIT-FUCK out of me, and many of you as well!

At some point a couple of the girls decided to go topless, that's when I decided to expand my shooting. Now, I shoot almost anything that the girls are willing to.

A meaningful collection is built over time, with hard work and experiences.

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

I like to shoot the girls in all kinds of ways and outfits. My imagination never quits... but my favorites are thigh high socks, thigh high stockings, stripper heels and hot socks, and last... but not least... BABY OIL!

The shooting, editing, web development, content management, graphic design, customer service, and updating are all done by me.

Njoy the tour...

Princess Blueyez sexy animation
Cold Water Fantasies
Just added the Face Down Ass Up University Class Trip... 27 videos and 19 photo sets!
Cold Water Fantasies
Tiffany Teen, collect this girl... you must!
Update 187
Next Nikki Release: The twelfth picture! Scheduled for release on April 4, 2018.
Sexy Shower
You need to see how hot this topless amateur teen is all wet and sudsy in the shower... FREE VIDEO!
Nikki posing with white ruffle socks
Kasia self fucking animation
sexy leg pose
brunette teen wearing lingerie

Topless pics of MeganQt? Dreams can be realized, if you put your mind to it.

This is one of many infamous pieces of content that features the cute curly haired teen named Megan. What makes it infamous? That would be the topless stash shots I took of her while showering off the chocolate cake batter mess that she made of herself. Free Trailer Video

booty jiggling

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