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Welcome to phil-flash.com...

...this site is not your everyday adult site. I have been collecting and making girls naughty in front of the camera since 2002. I started out with non nude tease websites... moved onto topless... got bored... and now I shoot girls from non nude to solo masturbation.

If you browse around you will see that my content is not like the others content. My IMAGINATION and ability to work with the girls is what seperates phil-flash.com from the rest of the sites out there...

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Latest News...

Jan 21, 2014...Wow... WTF??? Where have I been. I don't even know... there are no excuses... just that life can really change things at the strangest times.

Long story short... Dawn and I are engaged again... marriage is coming really soon, moving and all of that is DONE, family and Christmas is done... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... Dawn is pregnant!

Don't worry... I will take some pics :) ...and maybe some videos too!

I am sure you have heard me say this before... but I am back in the saddle again. I have positioned myself into a new workflow, organized my content, and right now I am working on getting all of the sites updating once again...

August 19, 2013...

Here are some pictures from our first hot date...

There is a new update on DawnAvril Exposed... it's Dawn taking it from behind! This was intense! Watch the preview video here!

May 20, 2013... Just finished shooting this little 19 year old hottie milf named Haley... She was an awesome girl to shoot! She is so amateur and innocent... she is literally plucked right from the mid west.

I don't think she even knew exactly what she got herself into when she originally agreed to do this shoot... hehehe :)

Anyway... I am pretty excited about this girl. Well Kristina with a K also... as well as all of the other girls I shot. I will be working on all of this content in the next 6 to 8 weeks and getting it posted up in the members area ASAP.

I plan on working on other girls content as well... some redone Kendall coming soon, Megan-Summers unreleased videos... and a whole bunch more.

I plan to recover from all of this shooting... and start work back up in a couple of days... so that's the latest and greatest news...

May 8, 2013... If you have not heard, DawnAvril and I have parted ways. Yes... the engagement is off. We split up in March, and it has taken me a bit to recover from the "black cloud of relationship death". But I am back now.

Somehow during the depression, I managed to book 6 girls to shoot during April and May. So I have been busy getting new faces (and titties and asses) for you :)

I have also change the tour around a little. This new design is not much of a visual change... but the code behind it will allow me to shove content down your throats :) I am not even going to allow you to chew on it... haha.

For those of you that have been patient with me... I thank you sincerely! For those who left my site or are pissed at me, I don't blame you... but if you are reading this, I hope you still have interest in what I will provide for you in the future!

Here are a few previews of the upcoming girls...

So as you can see... I have been way busy! 2.5 days with each of these girls... OMFG!

Stay tuned... I am editing this content and getting ready to get the updates going for good! I will be releasing candids, old re-releases, old never been seen before, and new content... YAAAAAAAAY!


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