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This unclothed black and white photo set of Teen Kasia is stunning and, to be frank, quite collectible. Do you need to improve your collection?

See Kasia Naked See Kasia Naked
Teen Kasia kneeling topless and barefoot

The desire to remaster this gem-filled photo set has plagued me for years. The original release was just plopped up on my site by my then-staff. My Dad had always told me, well, son, if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. And boy, was he right!

Polishing Pictures?

The other night, I dove head-first into my hard drive. After two days and nights in Lightroom and Photoshop, I finally dusted off the entire photo set. There were fourteen five-star shots, which I added extra polish to. Now they are 5-star gems. It is exciting to finally share this remastered, full-resolution, full-nude, black-and-white photo set of Teen Kasia with you!

blonde shows nude body in push up position
Here is a lovely "5-star gem" depicting Kasia's petite curves! Download this members photo.

Content Highlights

The late morning window light was instrumental in creating these artistic black-and-white photographs. All I did was pose the petite blonde and snap pictures. I once read that photography can be defined as "art with light." Or something like that. Anyway, there would be no highlights without the window light.

So, the highlights. This release includes the ninety-one originally shot full-resolution photos and fourteen "5 Star Edits." You get one hundred and five beautiful black-and-white pictures of the amazing Teen Kasia!

Photo Set Highlights
  • Kasia exhibits many sensual facial expressions throughout the entire set.
  • Several stunning, slightly silhouetted profile shots show Kasia's nubile facial features.
  • Tons of super sexy full-body shots where the shadows and lack of color show off Kasia's naked body and its enchanting curves.
  • A favorite of mine, I also took pictures showing the bottom of Kasia's feet. Her wrinkled foot soles and little toes are lovely to look at.
  • The air conditioning helped create several intimate shots of Kasia's little blonde fuzzies standing on end. Her arms, her thighs, and most notably, her lower back, right in between those butt dimples. Oh my!
Teen Kasia's naked butt with little blonde fuzzie hairs standing on end
Here is a cropped sample of those little blonde fuzzy hairs in between Kasia's cute butt dimples I discussed in the list of set highlights above! Download this Blog Post Exclusive.

The Nude Shoot

Kasia was standing in my family room butt-ass naked at 10:53 AM. I was messing with my camera, taking a few test shots, and forgot to switch to monochrome (black and white). So, I have three original pics that were shot in color. And here they are, full-resolution &mdash and free.

Teen Kasia smiling for a color test shot
A blog post exclusive color test shot of Teen Kasia smiling at the camera! Download this Blog Post Exclusive.
Teen Kasia laughing during a color test shot
A blog post exclusive color test shot of Teen Kasia laughing at one of my dumb jokes. Download this Blog Post Exclusive.
Teen Kasia sticking her tongue out for a color test shot
A blog post exclusive color test shot of Teen Kasia sticking her tongue out. Download this Blog Post Exclusive.

The Shoot (continued)

It was a warm and humid day, and my wife set the thermostat to 74 degrees. Needless to say, the air conditioner was running non-stop, and it was cold as fuck in the house. I remember a cute and funny thing that Kasia had said when I posed her close to a sun-filled window. Her Polish accent made it especially cute.

black and white face shot of Teen Kasia

Ooh! It's warm here!

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