Topless at the Car Wash Next Door Nikki

Watch as Next Door Nikki takes off her shirt and exposes her big boobs to phil-flash. Did you think his camera was not at the ready?

Topless Pics Topless Pics

There are eighty-one photos released in this remastered set. The fun and sexy video is over eleven minutes in duration. The original release had seventy-one pics. So you are getting a net gain of ten pics, three of which are TOPLESS!

Must Shop, Before the Jeans Drop

One day before our photo shoot, Nikki and I went through the mall and shopped it up. She liked the mall in my town because it was big and had "cute clothes," as Nikki would say. I took a creepy candid video of her walking around, and then we went to the car wash for, like, forever. I took pictures and videos, and we just had a fun time.

Watch the candid interaction between Nikki and myself. You can get an excellent taste of her youthful "girls just want to fun" and giggly self.

When Nikki's t-shirt became wet because I accidentally sprayed her, well, she had to change. Oh, and she was excited! She got to put on a new top that she had just bought at the mall, and she got to take a few topless shots.

Next Door Nikki giving a mischievous smile

"Oh my god, this set was sooooo funny! A $2.00 car wash turned into like $15.00. These people from the next building came by to see why we were taking so long. Then, we had to run across the street to the gas station for more change because no one seemed to have change for a $10 bill.

2 hours later, though, my car was nice and clean and even spot free...but I think I ended up more soaked than the car.

There are also some more of phil's "creative" butt shots. Grrrr"

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