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I was having coffee and a smoke on the patio behind my office at Face Down Ass Up University. What appeared to be a new student was walking by. I had not seen her around campus. I wanted to know who she was and what class she majored in, so I stopped her and asked. She said

_AVATAR_My name is Holly, and I am majoring in Assology.

I was surprised that she knew my name and title. My faculty must have done a good job with her orientation. Now I knew her major, her ass I must take a look at. So

I was sure she would get straight A's in Assology, but what about math? Math is important to me, so I asked her how she was doing in her mathematics classes. Her eyes darted a bit and then she looked up at me and said, "uh not real good Dean phil-flash".

I said, Ok, honey, what is one plus one? Holly looked around, rubbed her nose uncomfortably, and answered "I dunno". This upset me, so I asked her one more "what is ten up and two down?". This time, she looked at the sky blankly, almost like a jet airplane was passing over. Again she replied with, "I dunno Dean phil-flash".

"Ten up two down—is ate-the-fuck-up, you dumb little slut!

I am going to take your yearbook photos, and then you will be required to make a sexy video for eXXXTra credit in your math classes", I said.

I grabbed my Nikon and started posing her. Ninety-eight photos later, I grabbed my video camera and started to record her eXXXtra credit video.

Whoever has been lucky enough to fuck this tight little piece of ass must know that she is more than likely a freak in bed. You will need to see her spread her ass, claw her butt cheeks with her nails, and rub her pussy in this video

This one move she did blows my mind. She reaches through her legs and runs her index finger through the crease of her ass cheek, all the while her thumb is extended, and it glides ever so cleverly over her clit and pussy. This move took mastery!

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