Petite Teen in Black & White Thigh High Socks

This sexy thigh-high-socks set of Krissy Love includes 75 photos, 32 outtakes, 38 animated gifs, and 2 videos available to view online or download.

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This remastered black and white Krissy Love set contains seventy-five high-resolution off-the-camera photos, two videos, and some entertaining "Animated Fun" animated GIFs. For the pictures, I focused on some sexy poses that would show off Krissy's lovely little petite body and gorgeous face. She gets herself into all kinds of compromisingly hot poses and surprisingly—did a few "oops, I just touched myself while filming an adult website video" while video was rolling—from which I was able to create thirty-eight fun and fucked up animated GIFs. All of this content is zipped up and ready to be ripped!


I dont want too spoil this set with too many you go: Black.and.white. BOOBIES. Tape. NO SHIRT!!!!!!! Tiny lil panties. O.O

Yum yum!!!!!

Shut the Fuck Up

So with Krissy's free-hanging tits and tape-covered nipples in plane view, her just been fucked ratty hair, and those trampy thigh-high socks, I was kind of in voyeur mode while shooting. I kind of shut the fuck up for once and let her pose around. She got into some great poses and put her naughty hands and fingers all over her petite and perfectly skinny body. My only complaint is that I did not stop her and focus on some of those sexy seconds Krissy created all by herself. But, if I did that, then I would not have shut the fuck up, and we would not have seen those almost nude all-fours hanging C-Cups.


It was impossible to see Krissy's lovely titties at 100% nude, but what about 97%? In this set, I focused on the fact that Krissy was top minus, closest to topless ever, so let's just look at em'. It is a breathtaking change—observing those C-Cups on the free range.

Newfound Lust

I have been editing and processing this set for the past four days. During the video edit of "my interpretation" of the original footage, I realized that I am enslaved with a neurotic newfound insatiable lust for Krissy's love. She modeled under my umbrella for a few years, but I never noticed her. Now that I am going through and editing her content, wow, if only I could go back in time!

The Final Push

I always felt that Krissy's content could have been sexier/sluttier, especially the content shot by my staff back in the day. But this set was shot near the end of our run together. After most of my staff had been fired and let go— forever. I remember pushing her to be further provocative, suggesting more suggestive, compromising poses and more revealing, "more skin to win" outfits. I am glad I did because this set is just freaking hot!

KoLor minus Data Center

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