Big Boobs and Frozen Nipple Rings

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Nikki and I were bored of the rooms in the shoot house and running out of ideas. Knowing of her inability to decline a dare, I dared her to shoot this set outside on the "p-f rock." It was January, and the temperature was 31 degrees Fahrenheit. So yeah, the next thing you know, Nikki is outside "freezing her fucking titties off!" And I am laughing my ass off.

_AVATAR_I had only 3 things to say after this set was over......damn it was cold.......Phil you're an ASS.....and damn your stupid PF rock.

The Not So Topless Shot

Fifteen shots into the photoset, I did another dare. I dared her to unzip that useless hoodie-vest and pop them out. Blam! Another topless shot of Next Door Nikki! The facial expression, the posture, the hang—Dominus Ominous, thanks be to Odin.


During the culling process for this set, I could not bring myself to rid a single picture. Some pics have a slight blur or wrong framing but still, capture something special like Nikki's facial expression or something sexy. So, you are getting everything that came off my camera. Even the video! Not one second was chopped.

Big League Fun

This set/experience with Nikki was a blast! When I edited the video, I was cringing at my idiotic non-stop laughing. Some of the things we were saying back and forth were very funny. So when you watch the uncut video, pay attention. Our darling Nikki has a little potty mouth on her.

Besides the lovely boob shot, my second favorite part of this set is when Nikki takes the plunge off the rock. The sound of her sliding off the rock is hilarious. She's a trooper! She did this twice, once for the photoset and once for the video. After all of that, she still keeps her nipples covered! This girl is a pro nipple coverer-upper.


Nikki's favorite post-shoot pastime was to fuck, at least this is my assumption, based on things I know. For some strange spontaneous reason, right in the middle of shooting the video, I just ask Nikki to say fuck, and she quickly says, "fuck!" Since we cannot see this, at least we can hear her say it. You may have already heard it in the trailer video, but in the member's video, you get to see her hot fucking face say it and see that little smirk afterward. As the British might say, quite lovely!

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