This sexy set of Emma Mason includes 164 photos, and 5 videos available to view online or download.

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Nothing makes the Dean of Mean happier than enrolling a brand new 18-year-old naughty schoolgirl into Face Down Ass Up University! That is what this set description is about, Emma Mason's FDAU Enrollment and first-time topless set of sexy pictures and videos.

Originally, Emma wanted to enroll in the Freshman class and not have to show her boobs to the world. Somehow though, through the power of persuasion, I managed to change her mind and enroll as a topless tit-showing Sophomore! Now, the FDAU Yearbook has photos and videos of her just legal titties, that lovely thonged ass, and lots of "compromising positions" for all of the Faculty Members to enjoy.

There is happiness that results from getting a girl to go topless, but getting Emma to go topless turned out to be an exstatic state of overjoy. "Why don't you just get those titties out," I said to the awkward schoolgirl slut; she unsnapped her bra, and they appeared right in front of my video camera! And wow! Holy fucking shit, what a lovely pair of full B cup tits. Maybe even a small C-cup. They were just perfect, and if I am saying a pair of boobies is perfect—then you know they must be good, because I am not really a boob guy. :-)

Sidenote: there are two versions of Emm's FDAU Enrollment video. The Bra version (13 min. runtime) was the very first shoot. The first time her tits came out, the awkward facial expressions she gave to the camera were priceless! The no bra version (21 min. runtime) was shot on our second shoot.

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