This sexy set of Emma Mason includes 76 photos, and 3 videos available to view online or download.

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Emma smoked this set. She looks absolutely amazing wearing these extra long thigh-high socks! Her legs and thighs are incredible! The visual combination of her beautiful long hair, red panties, and socks stun me! How about you? This second set of Emma's contains gorgeous photos and HD videos. Wait until you see the tip-toe torture video. Not only did Emma smoke this set, but I smoked her legs!

One of the sexiest moments captured on video is when I am following her with the "booty cam," and she does this little feminine step down into my family room—it's really really SEXY!

After shooting the photo set, I decided I wanted to see her legs stretched out nice and tight with her thigh and calf muscles all flexed up in those over-the-knee socks. So I started up the ol' tip-toe torture routine. Now pay attention when you are watching the video. There are a few shots when I shoot straight up between her meaty thighs and guess what? Yup, the little wet spot! Her panties are wet. This little fucker got all hot and bothered while shooting the photo set... now THAT is hot! Aren't you glad I told you that?

Emma did not pass the tip toe torture test. It's supposed to be for 10 minutes. She started acting like a badass and could do it with no problem. But after a few minutes, she started to feel the pain. She couldn't do it for 10 minutes nonstop, but who cares! Watching her in distress and struggling with my challenge is FUN and mentally erotic, at least for me. Her pain—my gain!

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