Emma Mason
Emma Mason
Personal Selfies47
DOBMay 23
Height5' 3"
Bust34 B
Shoe Size8
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Emma Mason
10 Updates, 486 Photos, 13 Videos

phil-flash's AvatarMeet this new local girl that Dawn Avril used to babysit for, her name is Emma Mason. She is 18 years old and a newcomer! Dawn and Emma recently reconnected via social media, and Emma mentioned how the idea of shooting sounded like a blast. And here we are... 10 topless photo sets and 13 sexy vidoes later!

I even had to pay $100 to Dawn, for a "model finders fee"... and I am married to Dawn... lol!

Emma showed up on time for her first shoot, when I opened my front door and saw this gorgeous 18 year old girl standing there, with the most beautiful crown of long, straight, and shiny hair... I was like, oh yeah... I am about to add this teen to my collection!

This girl was nervous, in fact... she was so nervous that it became contagious. I had been infected with her nervousness. Me... really? This is my job, how could this happen to me? Recognizing the situation, I stalled the shoot for about 30 minutes and had a coffee with her.

That coffee, was probably the best thing that happened during our entire shoot. The talk ended with Emma agreeing to take more money for the shoot, and showing her priceless full B cup titties!

Convinced Emma to go TOPLESS... I did! Praise the lord... dominos ominous!

The Girl Corrupter... phil-flash

Emma was only going to shoot non nude stuff... so we are some lucky guys for sure!

There is something about this girl! Or better yet, there are Some things about this girl!

You might find yourself captivated by her...

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