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phil-flash avatarThis was the very first set of photos taken of little Miss Stephanie. As you can tell, she has a lovely smile. It just sucks you in!

Hidden behind that smile, was a nervous girl. Looking back, I know at least one reason why. She did not want to do porn or anything that would "degrade" her. And that was fine by me, but I can't help myself to push and push.

I did get some really sexy shots of Stephanie in this set. I really like the ones where she is straddled over the arm rest on the couch... this is what it looks like when she is fucking you on top, cowboy style! yeeee haaah

I'll have to say, I am pretty proud of this set. Stephanie looks great and I was able to get as much out of her as I could at this time (this was her Rookie Set).

As I write this, I can feel that I am building. Building towards more and more provocative content of Steph... and yeah I am. My point is this... even I am getting excited to see what's to come.

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