Stephanie Little
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phil-flash's AvatarMeet 19 year old Canadian, Stephanie Little. She has a petite 94 pound body, beautiful blue/green eyes, and naturally big C cup boobs.

I have three shoots with her under my belt... thank goodness! I say that because this girl was a tough cookie to crumble... and it took three shoots to get some crumbs.

The first shoot was fun, it was a good shoot. But I did not realize that Stephanie was such a conservative with her body.

I did the best I could, I managed to get her to turn around for some shots... so we could see her little tight teen ass.

Our second shoot was more provocotive. I slowly pried her legs open in this shoot, got some more turn around shots, even topless... with hand bras though.

The third shoot was even better. I got her to do all of the above and more. I remember the very last set really well. I got her to do a wet-t shirt set in the kitchen sink. Well, it started out as a wet t-shirt set. But by the time it was all over she had poured pitchers of water down her front, down her back and down her crack. So I quess it was a kitchen sink wet-ism set. :)

Once we had finished the wet-t set, and I will never forget this... Stephanie said...

Oh My God, I wonder what my Mom is going to think about this.

The Little Canadian Teen... Stephanie

The first shoot, Stephanie wanted it to be a photo shoot only, so I did not shoot any video. However, as part of the deal for the second and third shoots, I required that she pose in thongs and allow me to shoot video... wait for it. Patients is the key to all things that are great!

Stephanie Little
Model Data
Photo Sets1
DOBDecember 1
Height5' 1"
Weight94 lbs.
Bust32 C
Shoe Size5.5

Stephanie Little
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