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p-f Water Games
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phil-flash's AvatarThis was the third set that Kandie and I shot. It was early evening and the plan was to have her hula-hoop, and every time she dropped the hula-hoop I would spray her with some cold water.

I was anticipating this set all day long. From all of the selfie pics that she had sent me, I knew she had some really sexy hips. I was dying to see those hips sway back and forth while she was hooping.

Before the set, I was setting up my cameras and Kandie was dancing (raving) around. OMG... as the the English would say, it was a nice bit of totty! I recorded as much of that on video as I possibly could.

We got the set started and Kandie was shocked at how cold the water was when I first sprayed her. I did not tell her it was going to be super cold.

At some point early on, she decided that if she ran and jumped into the swimming pool that her being completely wet might take the cold effect away from my spraying... but that didn't work. She still spazzed out every time I sprayed her... LOL!

When Kandie got out of the pool and came back up to the porch, she chased me down and started to grind on my leg. Then she turned around and rubbed her ass all over me as well. It was madness! And my jeans were as wet as her pussy probably was.

Three Videos... the focus of this set was video. I shot a 21 minute three angle multi-cam video of the hula-hooping water toruture, almost five minutes of her rave dancing topless, and a 40 second vertical clip of Kandie booty dancing a bit while probably texting her husband on the phone.

After the set, we sat and drank more wine and bullshit for awhile. That's when I snagged the 16 pics to complete this set.

Once I finished editing the videos, I went back through and started grabbing pieces of content for my "Animated Fun". I couldn't get enough. I made 31 animations with this set. I hope you have as much fun looking through them as I did making them!

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Kandie Justine
Set Data
Titlep-f Water Games
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Clit Sprayed
Tongue Out Hooping
Open Your Mouth Whore

Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

Kandie Justine
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