Kandie Justine
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phil-flash's Avatar Kandie Justine's story starts out with an "I want to be a model on your site" email. She had attatched a couple of hot selfies, which sparked up my interest. But I needed more pictures in order to make a shoot or not decision.

I replied to her email and asked for more pics, preferrably some full body shots front and back. Almost instantly, I recieved an email back with pics attatched. Then came one after another until I had nine emails from her within 15 minutes.

This was great... random hot girl sending selfies to my phone! That does not happen every day. These were fabulous! In her car, on a pool deck, in random bathrooms with mirrors. I had to have more of these (for me and for you!)

For this potential shoot, I decided to take a wise approach, rather than instant satisfaction... so I did'nt reply right away.

Over the years, I realized that instant availablilty to girls... is a no no. Once you are instantly available, you are just like the other guys. The girls can or will become bored and lose interest. However, if you are mysterious, busy, and unavailable sometimes... they can or will become the aggressor.

Don't believe me? Check out this Inbox Screenshot below... that's the result of ignoring her for a few days. :)

Mail Screenshot
My Inbox... Kandie sent a whopping total of 53 emails with pictures attatched. Back to Kandie's story

So, I waited six days to reply back to her. She even said...

Where did you go phil?!? I sent you tons of emails and you never responded! I thought I wasn't good enough.

Kandie Justine

After a few more back and forth emails, a shoot was set up and she accepted my offer of $1.00/selfie.

More about Kandie... she likes to drink alcohol and have fun. We killed four bottles of wine during her two day shoot. This girl can get wild!

She likes to dance... she mentioned that she used to go to raves. Now that!... raised an eyebrow. I love how rave girls dance. They seem to be lost in the music with few inhibitions. I can watch them for hours I swear!

So now you might be wondering... did you capture video of her dancing phil? And I would say... did you mean, video of her raving? The answer would be a big fucking YES! And it's PRICELESS!!!

Inbetween sets... I take my usual smoke break and sometimes have a coffee as well. Well, while on break... this girl! This girl would grab my cock. No just joking! She would grab my video camera and take self shot videos. I would guess that there is about 30 to 45 minutes of this type of footage, which I still have not even seen. Stay the fuck t(  .  ) (  .  )ned for it's release!

On the first day of shooting, third set in... Kandie was hula-hooping topless, while I randomly sprayed her with cold ass water. I love this job! That set has a good story by the way.

We shot late into the night, got really buzzed up, and we were hungry as heck. We ended up going to Wal-Mart and buying a bunch of stuff. I had no idea what she was putting into the cart. I do remember her putting an alvacado in and some "healthy fake bacon" stuff.

Back at the house, I sat at the counter and watched recorded her cooking for me... all the while imagining banging that juicy booty. That's what my mind does when I am under the influence... LOL!

After eating, we sobered up a bit and left for her hotel. The entire time I don't think I heard a word she said, because all I was thinking of... well you guys know what I was thinking! No need to explain that stuff. :)

The final part of Kandie's story... we completed the two day shoot and as I was driving her back to the airport, we got to talking.

Here is where things became really strange. She asked me to...

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Kandie Justine
Model Data
Photo Sets2
DOBSeptember 5
Height5' 7"
Shoe Size7.5

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Kandie Justine
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