Thigh High Socks
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phil-flash avatar This was the first set that Kandie and I shot together. I did one of my favorite looks with her... white top, white panties, and white thigh high socks. I cannot get enough of any kind of over the knee or thigh high sock... how about you?

First sets always start out a little slow, but Kandie warmed up rather quickly. It did take me a while to get her to take those panties off... but I did it... Dominous Ominous

Once that top comes up and those panties come off... I realized how nice of a body she really has. I thought it to be a nice one before I started shooting... but shit fuck man! She is amazing!

She has an bubble butt that would look great from behind and above... if you catch my drift. And then there is her waist and hips. Whoooah!

Towards the end of the set I noticed that she was making a neat sillouette in my doorway. The set was actually over... but I told her... hold it... that's hot! Stay there! And I shot some more pics.

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