First Non Nude Pictures
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phil-flash's Avatar For an amateur model, this very first set of pictures and behind the scenes video of Jenifer, turned out to be really hot and sexy. Her petite body and trashy alt girl look, certainly play a role in that. Also adding to this set's heat factor, would be that this is Jenifer's "rookie set". She's a first timer! What I think is hottest about this set though, is that it marks the beginning of the convincing process, in which I was later able to persuade her to shoot in a thong, and put that little tight teen ass of hers on the Internet for the world to see! Not only is this set hot and sexy, it's a taste of some really fresh meat!

This photo set is better than ever. It's been remastered, and the photos are now phil-flash Premium, zipped up, and ready to rip. Phil-flash Premium pictures are full camera resolution with a very small watermark. This time around, there are 14 outtakes that have never been released before. These pictures are sharp, they pop with color, and Jenifer has never looked better.

The 17 minute video, is a behind the scenes look at Jenifer's first photo shoot. You get to see that this girl likes to laugh and smile a lot! You also get to see her shyness, which has a very sexy appeal to it. If you watch the video closely, you will notice that she package checks me, like a lot! I dunno why either, because I am certain I wasn't pitching a tent, I was to busy posing her. Maybe she is just fascinated with checking out a man's package, fresh meat for her huh? haha

Collect this set today, it's only $9.95 for 30 days access!

Jenifer DeMaria
Set Data
TitleFirst Non Nude Pictures
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun21

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Jenifer DeMaria
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