Jenifer DeMaria
4 Pic Sets | 1 Video

phil-flash's Avatar Meet Jenifer DeMaria. She is an 18 year old local girl. This is that girl who passes you by in public, and for the rest of the day, devastates your focus with a category 5 mind-fucking, or at least until home and you can get a good chicken choking session in. That petite body, those full C cups, the fresh face, and her crown of alt girl looking hair, sure don't help in lowering the category of mind fucking either. Thankfully, Jenifer was in need of some fast cash, which now, allows me to also describe her, as an amateur non nude model.

All shoots have something unique about them, and this one with Jenifer was no different. First off, her best friend tagged along, and what an annoying twat she was. She would abrubtly burst out with her mouth audio while video was rolling, but I guess, that makes some of the footage fun or interesting though, but it was still annoying as hell. Another unique thing about this shoot, was that Jenifer has a self conscious complex when it comes to her ass, and she did not want to pose in a thong, butt she did! Yes guys, you can thank me for that... I do have some skills that can get girls to do stuff in which they thought they did not want to do. I think that this shoot is about as unique as Jenifer's fresh face and hot ass hair!

The content... I was able to get 10 sexy photo sets along with 10 videos of the little teen tramp. Don't be offended guys, she does have a butterfly tramp stamp on the small of her back. Anyway, back to the content, there are currently 4 photo sets and 1 videos live on the site, which leaves 9 more sexy and exciting updates to collect and look forward to.

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Jenifer DeMaria
Model Data
Photo Sets4
DOBNov. 17
Height5ft. 5
Weight109 lb
Bust32 C
Shoe Size7

Jenifer DeMaria
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