Janessa Brazil Booty Dancing

p-f Army
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phil-flash avatarWe had a lot of fun shooting this set. Janessa's phil-flash Army outfit was sexy as hell. I love the fence net thigh high stockings with over the knee socks scrunched above the knees look. Then add some combat boots to it. Youza!

There are some unusual poses in the photo set. They are unique and way hot! And of course... Private Brazil was a discipline soldier girl. She did show her lovely big b( . ) ( . )bs several times to Drill Sergeant Flash's camera.

The denim string thong that she wore was mind fucking me. Sometimes when she moved, you could see it go right up there. Pressing those little pink thong panties up into her pussy just a bit. THIS was really fucking with my head guys!

Those little pink thong panties... let's talk about those for a minute. You could see her zip strip plain as day. Oh MY! And on top of that... the panties were really snug on her pussy. You could see lots of that little Brazilian pussy's detail. (Shit... my dick is getting hard as I type... AGAIN)

When it was time to do the video, we were brain storming for ideas. During the brain storm... "Nobody" (Janessa's husband) turned up the music. Immediately Janessa's began to move to the music.

She was sitting in a chair and WOW! Incredibly sexy! Her shoulders began to move from side to side, she smiled... SO FRIGGIN PRETTY... she started to move her hips... and... and... and that was the end of the video brain storm... she got up and started to dance.

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Hips Swaying Side To Side
Rolling Hips
Those sexy hip sways
Sitting Shoulder Dance