Janessa Brazil
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phil-flash's Avatar24 year old Janessa was supposed to shoot Playboy style nudes. But after showing up, having a few drinks, and me waving dollars in her face... guess what? She had a change of heart! Thank goodness (dominos ominous).

She got HuMiLiAtEd by phil-flash in set #1... and she finger fucked herself and banged out her pussy with toys for the rest of the sets we shot. It's a great thing... how $$$ can so easily change a girl's mind :)

Janessa is a 24 year old Brazillian born BABE! Fake tits... yeah... but whatever! I would love to smack those fucking titties with violent INTENT! :)

So um... yeah this girl DOES have that Bubble Butt from Brazil... so if bubble butts are what you like... check out her content below!

Janess'a story... well she sent me an email with pictures of herself wanting to model. She must have rushed the email because the text was written... ah... kind of "broken English" and not spelled very well.

So I disregarded the entire email as some duche bag dood fucking with me. You know... those people that have NOTHING to do because the ARE WORTHLESS... and they sit at their computer all day long impersonating other people and getting a kick out of their "genius self" when they get a response from their unsuspecting victom.

Months went by and I get another email... from a different email address this time. It had the same pics as the last email... but it was written by her husband.

Ok... so let's take a better look at this chic... um yeah... he included his phone number and I called them up ASAP. He and I talked for like an hour and a half.

After the phone call... the hook in mouth was set! I caught me a Brazillian Bubble Butt Babe...

So her husband... I am going to call him Nobody... (he goes by that nowadays on the interweb btw) and Janessa agreed to do a Playboy nude style shoot with tame/sexy videos for a set price.

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Janessa Brazil
Model Data
Photo Sets15
DOBFebruary 11
Height5' 7"
Shoe Size8

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Janessa Brazil
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