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phil-flash's Avatar One day, I got an email from a guy called D.J. Effect. He had attached pics of his 19 year old girlfriend and said that she was interested in doing a non nude shoot.

pfffffffffffffffft! What? Fucking shit man... this girl is 19 and smoking hot.

During the first shoot, I talked to her boyfriend a bit inbetween sets. It turns out, that he is a D.J. and Holly is a club girl.

She hangs out at the D.J. booth at the clubs, and if she is not dating the D.J., she will be soon. haha

Holly's boyfriend... D.J. Effect

Holly did not want to show her tits, but after the first shoot and some talking into-i$m... she was scheduled for her second shoot... topless this time!

After agreeing to shoot topless, I made Holly a "p-f girl". We shot five times, and then she stopped. I think that she was getting bored wanted to go further, I mean this girl couldn't get out of the gate fast enough...

Our first shoot, the whipped cream set... Holly was on her knees in front of me with her mouth wide open and her tongue fully extended, waiting for a load of canned whipped cream to fill up her slutty little mouth... like a GOOD GIRL!

Like I was saying... it seems as if she wanted to take shooting to the next level, but I think she got bad advice or cold feet.

Another intersting tidbit, the more I got to know her boyfriend... the more he would tell me about Holly. We were thinking of an Internet nick name for Holly, and he mentioned DLS to me. I was like, what does that mean. Immediately after I had asked him that, Holly comes out of the bathroom topless, and says... "Dumb Little Slut!" It sounded as if she were proud of it too!

We all laughed a bit, and I started to think that I liked this one. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded fabulous. Can you imagine, your fucking her from behind with her face burried in the bed, her ass up in your face... and you say... now spread your fucking ass you dumb little slut. She moans in acceptance of her title, reaches back and spreads it nice and wide, like a dumb little fucking slut.

Holly spreading her ass
This ass spreading animation is from set #2, Ass-Ology.

DLS never stuck, it did with me though. If you mention Holly, my first thought (in fantasy) is dumb little slut. Don't get me wrong, I like and respect Holly... but this is the Internet, and this is my fantasy filled website :)

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