Amy Sitter

Amy Sitter
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phil-flash avatarIt was time to move to a larger house. My two kids were starting to tear up our apartment and we needed to upgrade. We bought a house and moved... but here is where Amy comes in.

During the move in, I kept noticing this petite girl with a gorgeous mane of long curly hair going to and from a neihboring house.

I was captivated by the way her hair bounced upon her back with the peppy little walk she had. It seemed like every time I saw her, that she would be weaing little jean shorts and a t-shirt or a tight tank top. Yeah ok... a few times she was in sweat pants... but she still looked hot!

I could barely do the moving work... this girl had fucked my mind! Bad things revolving thorugh my head constantly. You know... your imagination can really toss you out of reality for awhile.

So I am wondering... is this girl a neighbor girl... I hope she is 18... is she a babysitter... does her boyfriend live there? Fuck... I couldn't get that beautiful curly hair out of my mind!

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Amy Sitter
DOBFeb. 22
Shoe Size7
Height5' 5"
Weight102 lbs.