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Amy was scheduled to shoot at 8 PM... she knocks on the shoot apartments door at 8:35 PM! I see her at my house everyday babysitting... we are nice and what not. But since she was late to our shoot appointment I decided to show her the p-f power on set #1! You can see it on her face when she first comes up the stairs... the way I talk to her is quite different than when I talk to her at home :)

_AVATAR_Ouch did this set hurt. I had bruises afterwards but it was worth it. This is my first time in the PF cage and my first set ever. I sure did enjoy my time in there.

The best part of this set... is that unbeknownst to me (while I was actually shooting), I had no idea that she was turned on by the fact that I was locking her into the cage and being quite dominant with her. I realized this AFTER the fact... years after the fact... in fact :) As I edited this video (which btw... was never released) I noticed that she said "Why Not!" as I pulled out a pair of hand cuffs to lock the with. Watch the video and you shall see...

I should have done a panty check... you know... put my hand down her pants and checked the barometric tempature down there... I bet it was 85% humidity... hahaha

As for the set concept... we had NOTHING. We had already shot a bunch of sets this day, Misty Anderson was coming to shoot with Amy Sitter, and our creativity had left the building. So we got the clip camera rolling and I just told her do to tricks of something. Well she did a legs spread shot that turned into a roll over into that ever do degrading pose called... "the piledriver". And from there she ust posed around and what not. Towards the end of the video I got her to take off the shirt AND the bra. And that was the jist of the video... SO when we shot the pictures, we kind of followed what we did on the video... only this time... uh... The Magician (myself... lol) got the titties out again. Dominos Ominos!

Amy Sitter fans, big boob fans, denim fans... this set is a must add to collection set... so enjoy the set and happy collecting!

A lot of people have critisized me about putting girls in a dog cage and shooting them... "how degrading" they say... and to that I say pffffffft... whatever... shut the fuck up... duckduckgo for softcore loving porn then! mlm

The cage :) --> well you know... if it were legal to keep a girl in a cage... and do what you want with her... then... um... I think I would have hundreds of girls in my girl kennel :)

Seriously... just take your mind out of your body for a second... imaginate with me... and if you could have a girl in a cage... take her out... do what you want with her... and put her back in the cage when you were done (until next the next time you needed her) wouldn't that be sweet... thank goodness for masturbation and imagination... or some of us would be in jail... LOL

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