Silent Bob, Princess Blueyez, phil-flash, Tiffany Teen, and MeganQt pose for a picture.

The Meet Up
23 Pictures

If you have not already read the main description of The Triple Shoot... I suggest you do. You will be more in the know... Read it here

Princess Blueyez Face Shot These pics of me in the back seat weren't taken by phil-flash, but by another photog. It was his first time photographing a model. I think that he did a great job!

The Blue Eyed Princess... Cass

phil-flash's Avatar The Meet Up set, also known to me as the first pictures taken of Cass for the Internet. This factor, adds much more value to this set than other sexier sets... in my opinion at least.

Call me wierd, but my collection of Cass would not be complete without these rookie shots! I will admit, that this set might not do it for you... but I stand my ground. These pics are rare... and absolutely lovely to me.

This set is the product of our being stood up by the Sybaris Suites, and a trip to the gas station before heading downtown Chicago to look for our new shoot hotel. Also, this set contains some fun shots of MeganQt, and Tiffany Teen, as well as myself, Silent Bob, and Sean my video guy. Nothing like girls posing all up on us :)

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The Triple Shoot
Set Data
TitleThe Meet Up
StatusRemastered - Final Release

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Tiffany Teen
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