The Triple Shoot
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phil-flash's Avatar This whole idea of what came to be known as The Triple Shoot, materialized from a series of posts between Cass, Megan, and Tiffany. They used to post on my old message board, called NNBoards (Non Nude Boards).

The three girls were posting back and forth about how fun it would be to shoot together and what not. This was driving me mad! Let me explain, Cass (the gorgeous 18 year old nubile) has never really been seen before. She was a completey new to this and had only posted just a few face shots and maybe one butt shot to the boards. That's it! So, to get almost nude pictures of this amateur teen girl... was an absolute prioirty!

I replied to their thread... and said...

The Triple Shoot! I can make it happen. What, say you?

The great philosopher photographer... phil-flash

Let me jump ahead of the story for just a bit, my post to the boards planted quite the seed into Cass's twisted little mind! I will tell you about this whopper later on, within the appropriate set's description.

Sidenote: Keep in mind also, that Cass was about to embark on a non nude webbsite with Silent Bob... she was not supposed to be a phil-flash girl. But I knew her fate... huh huh huh.

The plan was in place, the logistics were all set, and The Triple Shoot was on! Silent Bob and I picked Cass up from the airport early in the morning. Then, we drove south to meet up with Megan and Tiffany. Everything was flowing perfectly... that is, until things went arry at the romantic suite I had booked for the shoot.

Within an hour of finally checking into a hotel, everything was scattered everywhere. Download and collect this Premium Sample

There is a lot more to this story! From the rest of this Triple Shoot main description, to each and every set's description, to what Cass told her family before making her out of state trip, to the story of my wife ex wife calling me at 11 PM to tell me that the police are at our house and why. But I will unfold the story, as it happened... set by set. Stay the fuck t( . )( . )ned... you should...

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The Triple Shoot
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The Triple Shoot
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