MeganQt & Princess Blueyez
MeganQt & Princess Blueyez
DOBJuly 4 / Aug. 17
Age18 / 18
Height5' 5" / 5' 5"
Weight123 / 112
Bust34B / 32C
Shoe Size7.5 / 7.5

MeganQt & Princess Blueyez
1 Update, 364 Photos, 5 Videos

phil-flash's AvatarMegan and Cass were always fond of each other. They clicked during the very first shoot they did together, "The Triple Shoot". Then there was the 5 and 6 Pack Shoots, as well as three more shoots with just Megan and the Princess.

It was always fun to shoot these two, sometimes a bit irritating... because they were always laughing and giggling.

I recall one time, they made me so mad that I threw my camera. I'll save that story for when I release that particular set though.

⚢  p-f Imagination-ism  ⚢
For your entertainment

I am thinking back as I write up this description, and one of my... messed up imaginations just popped into my head.

I wonder what would have happened IF... Cass didn't care about the restrictions that her boyfriend placed on her, if Megan and Cass had a couple of glasses of wine, a bottle of baby oil, and alone time with some groovy R&B music.

I would bet, that Megan would have had her way. If we were to peep in, we would see them all shined up, hot sexed up hair with some baby oiled tips, heavy breathing with facial expressions of "OMG... I'm cumming!", and their positioning would be... in the lesbian scissors. Baby oil scissors... WOW!

My inspiration for that fantasy comes from the "Lost Tapes", where MeganQt and Janessa got into a rather intense moment of scissoring each other on the hotel bed.

Back to reality...
I am not sure what else to say. These two girls are hot as hell. Njoy their content... I bet you will!

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