This sexy set of Dream of Dani includes 60 photos, 2 slips, 8 animated gifs, and 1 video available to view online or download.

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This fourth set that Dani and I shot together was not planned, so we had to put it together in the middle of her shoot. Dani saw the pleather pants that were in the model wardrobe and liked them a lot. After trying them on, she came out with her arm covering her tiny little tits and those hot ass shiny pants covering her big phat booty. When I told her to turn around so I could see how they fit the booty... I was in awe, because almost all of the phil-flash girls that have tried them on but did not have enough ass to fill them out. This was exciting to finally have a hot girl that could wear these pants and look hot in them simultaneously.

_AVATAR_Can we say pleather???? Did Phil ever tell any of you that there were these really sexy pleather pants, that not many girls could pull off. No? Well then here they are, and my best "asset" seems to wear them quite nicely...oh yeh, and there is some major "roundism" in this set :wink: See you inside.


So now that we know the shiny pleather pants look good on her, we needed to find shoes and a top to finish off the outfit. After a little while of looking, the Devil popped up and took a seat on my left shoulder. He whispered ideas into my ear of how I could get some stash shots out of the current "can't find a top" situation. Armed with these evil ideas, I said to Dani, "fuck it... just go topless and cover up with hand bras." I was determined to take advantage of the situation and do everything in my power to capture a nip slip or a full shot of her itty bitty titties, one way or another. I guess that no top or shoes is indeed... a way to finish off the outfit.

Malevolent Results

I put Dani in every pose I knew of that could potentially make her slip up. Turn and look back shots, all fours from the side, all fours from underneath, and I even tried the infamous piledriver shot... lots of piledriver shots actually. And guess what, the Devil's plan worked! There are two rare stash shots in this set. One is a nip slip, and one is a full on side tit shot! What a nice little tear drop it makes too!

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