This sexy set of Dream of Dani includes 90 photos, 13 outtakes, 4 slips, 7 animated gifs, and 1 video available to view online or download.

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Danielle's rookie set was shot in her street clothes... which gives it the feel of a "casting call" shoot, at least to me. And yes, her outfit minus the pumps and the wristband are exactly what she was wearing when I picked her up from the airport. This fact is yet another one of those things that fucks with my mind, especially when that sexy as hell thong she is wearing gets mixed into the endlessly swirling fantasies that plague my mind! Ok, back to this set and those jeans. When I saw that big booty in those apple bottom jeans at the airport, I was like... oh yeah... game the fuck on! I could not wait to get her back to my shoot apartment and see what my cameras could capture.

Speaking of what I could capture, how about what I did capture? There are four stash shots in this photo set of ninety. I think Dani was a little too into her first experience shooting sexy pictures for a stranger. While posing with her panties, she overexposed a little. You can't see it all, but something phil-flash does know is that you can see more than Dani intended to show. And the fact that she was into the shoot... is also hot to know.

The video for this set is short; it's only 52 seconds long. Since it was Dani's first time ever shooting, I wanted her to become comfortable with me. So, for this reason, we did not take a video during the shoot. After the photo set, she agreed to let me take a video. I had her crawl on her hands and knees across the family room floor with her jeans pulled down to her thighs so we could see that phat-thonged ass of hers.

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