Amy Sitter
Model Data Amy Sitter
DOBFeb. 22
Height5' 5"
Weight102 lbs.
Shoe Size7

The Pretty Thong
61 Photos

phil-flash's Avatar

This was the babysitters' second set. I decided to dress her up in platform stripper heels and a butt-floss thong.

I always watch closely to the reaction of the girls when I hand them taboo or what they consider to be uncomfortable outfit items. Especially when I give them g-string thongs! LOL

Overall, I would say that about half of the girls that I shoot, could care less about posing in a g-string. The other half, the one's that are uncomfortable with this... are the more interesting ones... in my opinion!

It's fascinating to watch the girl's face become slightly uncomfortable... when they realize that they are about to expose 98% of their asshole to the World Wide Web!

Before the shoot, I had the outfit laid out on the coffee table. White platform heels, a pink sleep shirt and short set, and the thong! :)

Amy picked up the thong and said...

Oh... this is pretty.

phil-flash's ex-baby sitter... Amy Sitter

What I could not quote above, and noteably the best part of this story... is that when Amy said "Oh... this is pretty", her eyebrows raised up... as if she were saying to herself... ARE YOU KIDDING ME... SERIOUSLY?

And that my friends... is where the title of this set originates... I love this job!

I had my babysitter's legs spread out NICE & WIDE just 16 pics into this set!

When the nineteen year old's legs were in this position and 98% of her asshole staring at my lens... I would tell her... "What a pretty little thong".

Amy did lots of naughty poses on that couch... she doesn't go nude or even topless... but fuck! Jerking off to real girls is where it's at... and this girl is as real as it gets!

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