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Like Amy says below, I thought it was the first time she had ever worn thigh highs or lingerie. So we have another first time for Amy!

This was like my fantasy to wear all black with black stockings and heals. I couldn't believe the poses I was doing for this set. I did have a blast though, can you tell?

I remember Amy doing like, an 85% ass spread. And I don't remember asking her to spread her ass. BUTT... after she set the precidence, I asked for the old—ah—hands on your ass pose!

p-f... why are you talking about Amy spreading her ass??? Cuz it was her second set and she was volunteering. It just goes to show you will never know how much of a freak girls are. I believe that they all have some freakiness... and if you think a girl has a 1 out of 10 freakiness level, you better multiply that by 5 at least—cuz she is hiding some FREAK!!!

Teen in Sexy Lingerie Data Center

Teen in Sexy Lingerie Data Center

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