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phil-flash avatar My first trip to Hungary... back when I was still married to the ex was quite an experience! My ex's family had a big welcome home party for her... (because it was 6 years that she had not returned to visit) and invited like the ENTIRE family. There were people from Germany, some other countries... I cannot remember... like Latavia or something... and the Ukraine.

So guess what... Vika as she liked to be called is my ex's cousin from Ukraine. After hanging out for awhile my wife told me that Viktoria was interested in what we do and maybe doing a shoot. Um... yeah! I was already dreaming about shooting the little tease slut. I call her a tease slut because she showed up to this family event wearing cut off jean shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out!!!

It is difficult to believe... that she would wear something like that to a family event. Trust me... I had a hard time believing it too! But guess what... that is... what Europe is... it is an entirely differnt ballgame over there. I was dying to take candid pictures of her the entire time... but that was way to risky so I didn't.

I hated the entire party...

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