Blue Eyed Cass video

Green Bra & Panty
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Princess Blueyez Face Shot This is a different color. I don't normally wear green, but this bra and underwear set is damn sexy... if I do say so myself!

And pleeeease don't laugh too much when I almost fell twice in the video! phil's stripper shoes are hard to wear.

The infamous blue eyed princess... Cass

   Animated Fun   

phil-flash's Avatar I could hear the high heel clicks as Cass came across my family room hard wood floor. She had snuck down my carpeted stairs somehow. I looked over to great her, as I stuffed another battery into my camera's flash.

I was stunned at how beautiful she was. Not to mention sexy.

She looked incredible! Her belly button jewelry swung with her natural womanly sway. As it spakled in the sunlight, my eyes were drawn to it. I scanned her entire body in a nanosecond, like some kind of super perv!

Her thick brown crown of hair, her pushed up breasts, her smooth belly, her hips, her snugly wrapped in panties crotch, those long and muscular legs... snap out of it phil!

The main focus for this set were the photos. I has having problems with my flash and the window light, but I do what I do best, pose her up and click the shutter.

Like a lot of my sets that have already been released, I was never really happy with the color of the photos. This time around... developed them in Lightroom. I got the white balance right, as well as most of the tones.

There are some really great photos of Cass in this set. A couple would be in the top 100 pics of Cass for all time, if you asked me.

The video, well... there are two videos actually. The main video was shot while I took the pictures. Just watching Cass move around, listening to some of the sounds she makes, and hearing her sexy voice is nostalgiac!

To top that off... she got into many compromising poses and what not during this video/photo shoot, which made my Animated Fun... extremely fun! I made some fantasticly funny ones, some really sexy ones, a couple of cute ones, and a lot of porn star animations.

I created 172 animations from this set, and have finally been able to see what Cass looks like being a naughty girl, taking dick and getting fucked, giving hand jobs, and sucking dick. Download this set of animations... you must!

The second video is made up of three small clips of Cass messing around while I went to get a memory card. she is such a cute and sexy girl... fuck!

This set includes 2 (640 x 480) videos and there are 55 full resolution (3000 x 2000) pictures. In addition to that, you get (172 animations) in a zip file called... Animated Fun.

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Princess Blueyez
Set Data
TitleGreen Bra & Panty
StatusRemastered - Final Release

Trailer Videos

Cass posing for phil-flash
Suat Fucking
Sexy Hair Whip
Hot Legs and Ass
Leg Pose

Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

Princess Blueyez
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