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Caged & Hosed Down
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Nextdoor nikki FaceNo phil I just had a bath!

Can I have warm water this time? Please?

Maybe a little snack first, im kinda hungry...

"are you ok with torture?"

phil-flash avatar This set was crazy to shoot! I remember spraying that water on Nikki, fighting the chub, and taking pictures at the same time... LOL!

In the video, a former Staff said this...

I think that was the wildest and hottest set I have ever seen!

My favorite former phil-flash Staff Member... EC

The idea behind this set was... I dunno really :) I like the fantasy idea of having a girl caged up... so that's what I did. I came out and fed my little doggie... and then gave it a bath.

I am not sure which job is better, taking the photographs or being the water boy. I think in this situation I would have rather been just the water boy. I get an extraordinary feeling, when watching a girl react to my torturous tendencies... huh huh huh :)

towards the end of this video... Nikki got a little excited when I dared her to show those tits to my camera! Just look at her face... friggin hotness written all over it.

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