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Garden Hose Fun
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Nextdoor nikki FacePhil Flash water hose torture! Bahahaha!
That was the original description by Nikki.

phil-flash's Avatar Nikki was ready to head back home after two days of shooting. She had her pants on, her belt all done up, and she was getting ready to put on one of her Abercrombie sweat shirts and I said... "hold up!"

I wanted to shoot one more video (because I like to get what I can get from these girls), I wanted to mess with the landscape guys (you can see them in the background if you look closely), and I really wanted to spray Nikki outside with the hose (it was a cool day with a nice and steady breeze).

So I grabbed a white t-shirt from my model wardrobe and told her to put it on... we're going outside and you are going to get wet!

Judging by the way she is looking at me in the above poster image... maybe she got wet from the inside too. I think that Nikki likes to be told what to do.

This video is a blast to watch. It's priceless to hear girls yelp, scream, and make all of the little noises and surprise knee jerk reactions that they do. I just love this stuff... I hope you do as well!

Also... seeing those water beeds on her all natural DD boobs is quite lovely. I would love to give them a nice smack and watch the water splatter off in slo mo.

One of my favorite parts of this video... is that in the beginning Nikki tells me how she brought her own water this time, and she says...

... and it's not freezing.

The all natural DD boob having girl nextdoor... Nikki

But she did not know at that time, that I was going to get the hose out on her ass! Bahahaha black at ya Nik!

This is one of those times when I got to be the "water boy". I had a coffee, a smoke, and the spray gun. Spraying her hot body with that hose was fun as hell! I felt like a boy with a new toy... let's do this... let's spray here, over there, up here, down that... FUN!

Next Door Nikki
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