Next Door Nikki's Big All Natural Boobs

Ruffle Socks & Sexy Legs
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phil-flash's Avatar Next Door Nikki has always been known for her big all natural boobs, but since day one, for me at least, it's always been her pretty brown eyes, her cute freckles, her gorgeous face, and those long and sexy legs. Adding a pair of white lace ruffle socks to the mix, and she's really got my attention!

So for this set, I wanted to focus a bit more on Nikki's legs and ass, instead of the usual and predictable breast focus. The outfit was mine, I had recently added it to my model wardrobe. This explains why Nikki's titties were in my opinion, beautifully smashed into that little C-cup bra. She even made a comment about that...

Nextdoor nikki Face Practically bustin out of my white lace bra and check out these heels! Gotta love em :)

Next Door Nikki

Back to the outfit, so then there is that little matching thong that goes right up Nikki's tight ass... oh yeah! In the members video, there is a part where that g-string allows us to see 88% of her magical butthole. If that interests you :)

When I look acrossed the room, and Nikki is bent over the ottoman like the classy non nude teen model that she is, and I see her sexy calf muscles flexed, highlighted by those lace ruffle socks and platform stripper heels... there is no stopping the blood flow. I am getting excited as hell at this point guys!

So if you notice, especially during the video... I try to keep her in these type of positions for as long as possible. Remember, her pain is our gain! And yes... I am sadistic! Hopefully you have a bit in you as well... enjoy the set.

This set includes 1 (854 x 480) video with a runtime of 00:06:34. There are 63 full resolution (3008 x 2000) Premium photos, including 31 outtakes. In addition to that, you get 59 animated GIF's in a zip file called... Animated Fun. See what phil-flash has done, with this set's Animated Fun...

See 40 topless stash shots of Next Door Nikki for only $9.95!

Next Door Nikki
Set Data
TitleRuffle Socks & Sexy Legs
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun59

Trailer Videos

mesh covered boobs
Sprayed by water hose
Nikki First Topless Set
big boob snap
Tittie Jiggle Animation
Jerk Off Fantasy
Spreading sexy legs animation
Sexy Leg Pose Animation

Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

Next Door Nikki
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