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Baby Oil Webcam
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Nextdoor nikki Face Web cam, wicked weasel, and baby oil.....3 of the best inventions known to man!! Watch as I rub baby oil all over my body for just over 27 minutes! Hot hot HOT!!!!

Hahaha! Here are some pics of me on the phone...why? Because I was talking to the guys from 3 White Guys and a Puertorican! I had a lot of fun doing the radio call in/web cam chat, eventhough it was a little messed up in the beginning.

But I think the babyoil wicked weasel web cam show afterwards made up for it...what do you think? :)

Self Proclaimed "Webcam Girl at Heart"... Next Door Nikki

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phil-flash's Avatar This set is the product of a radio show "call in" that Nikki had set up. I suggested that we do it at my place, so that we could set up a webcam chat/show... and of course get some hot pics and video.

So after Nikki's call in, I set up the webcam chat and made her get into a Wicked Weasel bikini. The baby oil was not planned, but since I have a stockpile of it, decided to break out a bottle for her show. There was supposed to be a bottle of cold water too, but I think that, with Nikki's experiences with me and cold water... she quietly "forgot about it". LOL

She was feeling so hot from all of the attention she was getting from her camshow, that she kept on and on and on. Her show lasted until sometime around midnight. At one point, as she was saying good bye to her cam show, Nikki's fiance came in and said...

Your never gonna make it to school tomorrow babe.

Nikki's ex fianc'e... Johnny

He seemed pretty irritated. I can only assume this, but I think he was jealous.

I created 180 animations from this set, the camshow screen shots and the video I shot had some magical gems in them for my Animated Fun workflow.

This set includes 2 (640 x 480) videos and there are 98 full resolution (3008 x 2000) pictures. In addition to that, you get (180 animations) in a zip file called... Animated Fun.

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Next Door Nikki
Set Data
TitleBaby Oil Webcam
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun180

Trailer Videos

mesh covered boobs
Sprayed by water hose
Nikki First Topless Set
big boob snap
booty popping
boob squeeze
massive cleavage
sexy squat
nipple rings
big dd tits
fucked from behind
pov reverse cowgirl

Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

Next Door Nikki
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