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Chocolate Sexy-Mess
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MeganQt Face Boy do I know how to make brownies!! This set was sooooooooo fun!! mmmm... I gotta a sweet tooth! Too bad the bownies never made it into the oven! You wanna come clean me up??

I have never had brownie mix on my feet, lol


phil-flash avatar I like the title of this set, Chocolate Sexy-Mess. It just kind of came to me as I edited the video.

It's very fitting... because as we shot this set, I was thinking of how messy this was getting. I wasn't even sure if it was going to be hot or not.

After editing the pics and the video though... I realized that it was HOT! Megan was having fun and she was sexy as hell.

Megan finger sucking
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So yeah... Chocolate Sexy-Mess just kind of combobulated itself, I wrote it down... and I liked it.

This set was entirely Megan's idea. She had a lot of fun during this set, posing in sexual positions, rubbing the brownie mix all over herself, her titties were free and bra-less, plus all of the brownie mix licking from her tits, fingers, and toes.

Megan's dopamine levels must have been through the roof! All of that neurochemical stimulating her pleasure center of the brain. No wonder why she was package checking me... There is proof of the package check, I made an animated GIF of it and included in the Animated Fun Zip File Download.

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