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First Time Dancing on Video
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phil-flash's Avatar This set might possibly contain the two most important seconds of Megan's modeling career. It started out extremely slow... and a good bit of time it took me, to get a good working flow. There was no real concept, the 18 year old did not like her outfit, and she had an attitude as well. There was a struggle for sure, and MeganQt was putting me through hell! But then, during a sexy squatting pose, she did the inconceivable! Messing around, she did this little two second long booty popping dance... which was un-fucking-believable. This moment was crucial, because it led to MeganQt's first time dancing on video.

Megan's volunteer-ism had instantly changed the direction of the set. We now had a sexy dancing theme, which Shawn, my video guy at the time and I started to push really hard for. It definately took some persistant pushing, as you watch the full tape rip video with a runtime of 00:51:13, you will see how she trys to stall and get out of dancing in front of us. But she was in the hot seat and finally, she cracked! Her body started to move slowly, fluidly and sexily. She gave the camera these looks that I had never seen before, she began to bounce a bit, as if she were riding on top. Millions of thoughts flash banged through me... here are the top three:

  1. "The Gods must be with us!"
  2. "To Aphrodite... Dominous Ominous!"
  3. "Thank you black people for Rap and R&B Music... what you are doing to our white girls is fan-fucking-tastic!"

The members Download Center contains a ton of content, all of which I methodically remastered. The phil-flash Premium Photos are the camera's full resolution 3000x2000 with a very small and non intrusive watermark. The main photo set contains 116 images, and in addition to that there are 35 fun, sexy, and intrusive outtakes, for a grand total of 151 pictures. There are 5 videos exported with a bit rate of 14,000 kb/s and a total runtime of 01:02:55. I hope you have disk space, because there are 7 whopping GB of some of MeganQt's hottest content ever produced for you to download.

MeganQt Face Wow! phil got this really nice room to do this photo shoot. He surprised me with it! He let me have the room after the photo shoot so my friend's could come and hang out with me. So I decided to give phil and you guys a surprise back. Yah! I did a sexy dance on video! My very 1st dance video!!!!!


Read the about the hotel room, the drama, and more as a member... it's only $19.95 for 30 days access!

Set Data
TitleFirst Time Dancing on Video
StatusRemastered - Final Release

Trailer Videos

MeganQt twerking animation
MeganQt jiggles big booty

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