Baby Oil Marathon
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Princess Blueyez Face ShotDeffinitely watch this video! Megan dances alone at the end and it is soooo frekin' HOTT! And that is a promise.

MMMM... Meg and Cass and baby oil! If you didn't make it to Live-ism this is your chance to see what went down! This video sure does bring back some good memories :D We sure were oiled up.

Whelp... once the baby oil fun is done! Meg and I got cleaned up... and phil caught me in the shower. Geesh can a girl get some privacy?!

MeganQt FaceOne of my all time favorite sets ever!!! Let me just tell you I am the best ever electrical tape underwear maker ever!! haha

I wish you could have been in the bathroom with us, it was sooooo funny trin to tape eachother up.

And then when the baby oil was poured the tape didnt last long... hope you LOVE these as much as I do!!!

phil-flash's AvatarThis set starts off with Megan and Cass in the bathroom trying to make electrical tape thongs and nipple pasties. They were applying the tape to eachother, whispering, and giggling.

They were taking forever... so I had Triple AAA (video guy) go back there and put the video camera on the floor. So we could at least hear what was going on. You get 15 minutes of that. Some of you will like it and some of you won't, don't worry... there is still an hour more of footage!

So they came out with these shiny black electical tape thongs on, with x's over there nipples! I thought I died and went to heaven. There was MeganQt and Princess Blueyez, showing the most skin I have ever seen from either of them... both... at the same time and right before my eyes!

To see Cass's gorgeous all natural baby feeders in their natural hanging state, with no bra and no hand overs... was simply extraordinary!

The girls started with the baby oil and tape... haha. This lasted about 10 minutes... black stuff started leaking from the tape, and the tape started to undo itself from the baby oil.

Onto plan b, they put on a black thong and bra and we got back to it. Cass took a bit longer to change... so a song came on and Megan got her booty dance groove on. Fuck! That girl has incredible booty bouncing, popping, shaking, whatever you want to call it SKILLS. I could watch her ass for a long long time!

  1. Baby Oil Marathon includes all raw footage... one big video

  2. Music Videothe family room dance and air mattress dance music video mash-up with effects...

  3. Music Video music video mash-up without effects (for you sticklers)

  4. Family Room Dance raw footage

  5. Air Mattress Dance raw footage includes lots of booty dancing, booty popping, and booty bouncing

After tons of sexy pictures on the air mattress in every pose known to mankind, I had a great idea! Let's have the girls dance in the family room (to get them off of that air mattress for a bit and see some full length shiny legs and ass) and take pics and video of course!

That turned out great. There are a few parts of the video that got blurry because of the strobe light... but heck... just seeing these two dancing the way they did is a privelidge.

If you know me, I can never have enough... so I had them do the dance again. Only this time, on the slippery air mattress.

Looking back, to be able to see Cass DANCING and MOVING her body SEXILY on video... is a super rare treat. So this one is like WOW! "Lucky to have seen this... I am." (insert china-man-phil voice)

It was probably better that we turned the lights down a bit for the dancing parts... otherwise the girls might have seen the tree trunks in our jeans... haha

MeganQt & Blueyez
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