8 Sets | 4 Videos

This 18 year old Asian/American teen is named Lexi. She is a very pretty girl as you can see, she has lovely curves, and a nice... big... fucking piece of round-ism!

My girlfriend ran into Lexi's online modeling profile... we figured out that she lives close to us... so I sent her an email offering her $1000 for ten sets with SOME video... just to get her through the door.

I ended up with 12 photo sets, some "BTS" video, a couple of those sets were with Dawn, a hot video of Lexi dancing on the stripper pole, and to get the most out of her... I talked her into...

Update: Just recently Lexi emailed me...

A second shoot sounds great! I would like to experiment more on video...:)


Lexi did show up for that second shoot... and she did go topless!

We shot 7 sets... all topless... with video for each set!

One of my favorite moments... is when that top comes up and over a girls tits for the FIRST TIME... the look on their face is preiceless!

These sets will be updated after her first shoot is all posted.

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DOBJanuary 18
Shoe Size7
Height5' 3"