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This 18 year old Asian/American teen is named Lexi. She is a very pretty girl as you can see, she has lovely curves, and a nice... big... fucking piece of round-ism!

My girlfriend ran into Lexi's online modeling profile... we figured out that she lives close to us... so I sent her an email offering her $1000 for ten sets with SOME video... just to get her through the door.

I ended up with 12 photo sets, some "BTS" video, a couple of those sets were with Dawn, a hot video of Lexi dancing on the stripper pole, and to get the most out of her... I talked her into...

Update: Just recently Lexi emailed me...

A second shoot sounds great! I would like to experiment more on video...:)


Lexi did show up for that second shoot... and she did go topless!

We shot 7 sets... all topless... with video for each set!

One of my favorite moments... is when that top comes up and over a girls tits for the FIRST TIME... the look on their face is preiceless!

These sets will be updated after her first shoot is all posted.

Here are the 3 Photoshopped glam pics that Lexi had on her OMP profile... photo 1, photo 2, photo 3.

Then... obviously... once through the door... I did what I do... I pushed to get what I could. I knew she would be difficult to get to be naughty in front of my camera... especially since according to her profile... the most she would do would be Lingerie posing. Adding to the difficulty... was that she is a really sweet girl, and Dawn and I liked her a lot!

But... I got a job to do... I ended up with 12 photo sets, some behind the scenes video, a couple of those sets were with Dawn, a hot video of Lexi dancing on the stripper pole, and to get the most out of her... I talked her into letting Dawn poor water on her white "Pose4p-f" t-shirt at the end of the shoot... you know... to get some nipple-age action :)

Even though I etched 2 extra sets out of her... she did get $200 bucks thrown at her in singles when she danced on the pole... I am such a softy for strippers! pffffffffffffffft

When the shoot was over... it was late... Lexi was a happy girl with a purse stuffed with money... we spoke of a second shoot... which she expressed interest in... and I added to that conversation by saying... "well... I am going to push you harder next time!" She replied... "yeah definatley!

Model Data
Photo Sets8
DOBJanuary 18
Height5' 3"
Shoe Size7

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