Animated schoolgirl with pigtails

Pig Tailed Schoolgirl
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phil-flash avatar When Kristina came out wearing this schoolgirl outfit... I got excited. She looked so friggin hot, especially with her long golden hair all done up in pig tails!

I started this set off with a photo shoot out on my back porch. I experimented with my camera's remote flash settings, and had two Nikon SB-800 flash's mounted here and there. Some pics turned out great, some pretty good, and a few throw aways... like most sets :) That was fun for the camera nerd in me.

This was the first set that we shot, and when Kristina pulled her top up... I was like... oh fuck me! She has a small pair of really pretty and perky tits! The look on her face (caught on video) of that exact second when she revealed them is priceless. I love the "oh shit I just did it, I am a naughty girl... I just showed my tits to the world" look that most girls make when showing thier boobies for the first time.

Back to her hair... as she moved around on my porch I was admiring her hair... wondering what it would look like in action... you know... on all fours getting hammered from behind... on top bouncing up and down... and on and on and on. That's how my mind works. It was driving me crazy! I don't know how I keep myself composed when shooting.

In the video(s), I did just that. I had her on all fours and made her rock back and forth. So we can at least get some kind of fantasy visual. Also... I had her squat and bounce up and down quite a bit. I gave her legs a nice torturous work out... not to mention, the cowboy style visual that we needed to see :)

Speaking of the video(s). I shot tripod behind the scenes video of the photo shoot. It could be boring to some of you... and awesome for those of you who really like Kristina. Then I shot the enrollment video with three camera angles. So that is a nice multi-cam edit.

For us freaks... I also released all three angles of Kristina rocking back and forth on the floor like a dog gettin' a bone. As well as all three angles of her getting squat-bounce-tortured.

On top of all of that, there is another video... a mis-speak blooper. Kristina says what was on her mind... and her inner desires were revealed to me. You can reveal her inner desire as well... that is... once you are a member :)

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