Kristi Kitty
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phil-flash's Avatar Kristi was a member of my old message board, Once she was 18 years of age, she registered to the boards as KK (Kristi Kitty) and began attention whoreing herself out. She would post sexy pictures of herself, make funny comments, and sometimes, even clever comments. She certainly got my attention, I saw fresh meat and I knew that the deviant eyes of the world wide web needed a taste of it. After a few private messages back and forth, Kristi went from being a message board attention seeking whore, to a phil-fash Girl, and her first shoot was booked.

Kristi flew in for our first shoot and when I met her at the airport, my senses were stunned and overwhelmed by her beauty! I saw that pretty face light up with a big white smile, and those freckles... they just fucked with me... she looked so hot! When she turned, to head towards the baggage claim, her long and nicely layered hair did that thing, you know when girls turn their head and the hair flows beautifully from one shoulder to the other, like a wave in the ocean. I am almost having a sensory overload by now, but there is more... as I walked to her side and slightly behind her, the scent of her hair was like a natural female pheromone... it was overwhelmming and it gave me an excited feeling. Hopefully you too, are stunned and overwhelmed by Kristi's beautiful features, which also include her sexy curves and that big white girl bubble butt she got, that I almost forgot to write about.

I have tons of unreleased and never before seen content of this little kitty cat. Kristi flew in and shot sexy photo sets and videos on several occasions. She also flew out to at least one of the Phoenix Forum events, if not two, which produced some wild stuff! A year after Kristi stopped shooting, she sold me 100 plus photo sets, that were shot when she was 18. It's amazing how content can just fall into your lap sometimes!

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Kristi Kitty
Model Data
Photo Sets2
DOBAug. 26
Height5' 5"
Weight118 lbs.
Shoe Size7.5

Kristi Kitty
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