Dorm Room Darts
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phil-flash avatarWhat the Frig! This is what happens when I let the salaried staff and Krissy work together... they "get the video shot" and that's about it! They did not even shoot a photo set!

pfffffffffffffffft! If I were shooting this video... um... Krissy would have been shooting darts without that bra on... nipples and jiggly boobs... we would see! Those jeans would have come down to her ankles at LEAST if not off... and she would have had to get into some compromising poses... heh heh heh :)

Krissy is a hot little fucker... don't get me wrong here... but seriously! There are no pics with this set and the video is for DIE HARD FANS ONLY... so here's to the Die Hards... I HOPE that you njoy the video!

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