Kendall Blaze

Kendall Blaze
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phil-flash avatar Way back in November of 2004... a gorgeous girl named Kendall emailed me about her interest in shooting with phil-flash... the "King of Non Nude". Yes... that's what she said...

I like to read the emails from potential models before I scroll to the bottom to see the attached pics they send... it kind of makes it suspensful... lol!

So after reading... I took a look... and I was like oh fuck yeah! Auburn hair... and hot as fuck... not to mention it appears that she has legs and assssssssssss as well!

This will be my first red head... I thought... and that thought was extremely exciting to me!

I wanted to email her back and get her phone number right away... but that would be like all men... p-f has to not be like all the others...

I sat on that email for 8 days...

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Kendall Blaze
DOBFebruary 4
Shoe Size7.5
Height5' 5"

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