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Cold Water Fantasies
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phil-flash's Avatar The title "Cold Water Fantasies" describes two main components of this set, but there is a lot more to tell... so put your listening ears on. Not only is there cold water involved, which leads to your mind getting a little fucked up with eternal fantasizing... but there are a lot of other fun and sexy things involved as well, including tiptoe torture, a ruler, handcuffs, Karen duping me and Triple AAA (my video guy), and most importantly... the dulcet sounds that come from her hot and quite often... open mouth! Viewing "Cold Water Fantasies" will cause an ascension to cloud 9, lost in dreams of Karen... yourself... you will find.

Here is how it all started. Karen was late for her shoot, so when she finally showed up with the pathetic excuse of... "I am sorry phil, I missed my plane, it's not my fault I swear", I was a naturally a little skeptical. When models are late, I usually treat them appropriately... haha! So, within the first minute of her arrival, I made her sign a model release on all fours and with her t-shirt pulled up over her perky braless titties. Then, I realized that she was chewing gum, so I told her to get rid of it. Guess what the bratty little fucker did? She spits it out right there onto my table. ffffftphf! If you don't believe me, there is video proof of this. At this point, I decided that Karen was going to be "thrown into the phil-flash fire" and her calves were going to burn (all the while I would pitch a denim tent, because I love me some hot flexed calves! :-) Her first set would be 10 minutes of tiptoe torture so we took her into the bunk bed room, turned her around, and up into the invisible high heel pose she goes. That's the start of this set, which in turn, was the start of what turned out to be a very interesting set.

I mentioned a few things above that were included in this set. Well the ruler was flexed back and Karen's ass was on the receiving end of a few snappy stingers. We had an extremely creative way to use the handcuffs as well... see this... you may want to. And as you can see by the set's thumbnail image, we poured some really cold water all over her. Another interesting event, was that while the stream of cold water was torturing her body, she looked up, opened her hot fucking mouth, stuck out her tongue and OH MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS! Denim tent times 2! I think you can get a visual of this by now...

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Karen Dreams
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