Karen Dreams
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phil-flash's Avatar If you have not met the girl of your dreams yet... then it's possible that you just met her. Meet Karen Dreams! This 22 year old girl is absolutely stunning, with her pretty brown eyes, cute little rounded nose, and those super sexy lips. Her body is ah... stunning too! She has a perfect pair of all natural large A cup breasts, which happen to be my favorite size... woohoo! Legs? Oh my! This girl has some sexy legs, and they are topped off with a perfect amount of round ass as well! And yes, on her lower back is the ever so sexy tramp stamp! Add in Karen's fun personality, and I will have to rate her a 10 out of 10... definately a dream girl!

Did you know that Karen has her own site? It's KarenDreams.com (Update: which I now own, and you can get access to it as well by signing up to the "Ultimate Pass") That is where I first saw her, and man oh man... did she turn my head! I thought, I have to shoot this girl... I must collect her. It took a little persistance and due dilligence, but I was obviously able to pull off this shoot, and ultimately... the aquisition of her site. This also means that our second shoot is up and comming, right now it is scheduled for the late summer of 2018. So stay the fuck t (  .  ) (  .  ) ned for that content!

Karen shot some great content in this, our first shoot! I was able to shoot 6 hot sets of her alone which include some fun with cold water, lotion rubbbing, lingerie, and a couple of others. Then MeganQt and The Dean of Face Down Ass Up University (included with your membership) showed up at the shoot apartment. The Dean shot a really hot set of the two girls all dressed up as schoolgirls and then I got them all shined up with some baby oil for another really sexy set. Not only is this content of Karen great, it's a whole lot of fun as well, her personality is the best!

Karen's very first set, "Cold Water Fantasies" is a really fun set to see, it includes some handcuffs, some flexed ruler spanks, and some really cold water. But the best part of it in my opinion, would be the Karen's open mouth and the sighs and sexy sounds that come from it when we poured the ice cold water onto her body. Oh my! Listening to these sounds is probably the closest to having sex with her you will ever get, your mind will start to fantasize garanteed.

Karen Dreams
Model Data
Photo Sets1
DOBOct. 26
Height5' 4"
Weight117 lbs.
Shoe Size7.5

Karen Dreams
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