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phil-flash's AvatarWhen Janna first went down the stairs at the shoot house... she saw the pole and jumped on it! Shit... Fuck... I dropped my camera bag on the floor and grabbed my Nikon... attach the flash... hurry... hurry... No time for test shots... put it on auto and take pics!

She looked so hot... I wanted to capture her in the moment rather than posing around... It actually took me longer to get the camera set up because I was rushing with adreneline and what not!

A little back story to the outfit she is wearing... THAT is what she was wearing when I picked her up from the airport! I was dying! As she sat in the passenger seat of my Hummer... all I could think about was what kind of panties she had under that skirt! It was killing me! Literally... the entire trip I was hard thinking about it.

SO, getting the chance to see... and even better yet... take pictures of the panties she wore on her trip to p-f-Ville saved my sanity! I was dying to know! Now I know that she wore...

Just Jannah
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Just Jannah
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