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Jessie Cox
3 Sets | 4 Videos

phil-flash avatar I got an email one day from this girl named Jessie. As soon as I read that she was 18 years old my eyebrows perked up!

She attatched some hot flexible poses (which for the life of me I cannot find... otherwise I would post them here). I hooked up the shoot ASAP!

This California born and raised wavy haired teen will blow your mind. I was reading on a message board and this guy was talking about how a certain girl and her content give him tennis elbow. Well that term works perfect for Jessie's content. If you do not wack your shit to Jessie then you may have to think about your sexuality!

She flew in with her boyfriend... and we shot some crazy shit! She sucked him off, he fucked her ass... we had her hanging upside down chained up to my wall... and he was fucking her ass with a dildo in another set... LOL! Great stuff!

Something else really neat about Jessie, is that she loves to be owned. Like slapped, toys shoved into her mouth, all kinds of stuff like that. So look for some really hot and unique content as I update with her!

There were several more shoots with Jessie, she shot a couple more times with out her bf... or ex I guess... she shot with Little Rachel once, and she went to the Phoenix Forum one year as well... lots of crazy content there!

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