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phil-flash avatar This 5th set of Emma, contains 21 phil-flash premium photos as well as an HD video with a runtime of 6 minutes and 16 seconds.

Complete... your collection is not, without this set...

The photo set, a few random shots, and for fun some posed swats with a yeard stick! Ha

The posed pics with the yard stick are some of the best candid shots that I have of little Miss Mason. I say this becuase we were having spontanious fun... and in that relaxed state, her smiles and facial expressions were priceless.

The HD video has a clip of Emma trying on a pair of pantyhose... they must have been for girls that are like 90 pounds... because these things were not working out. The best part of this clip is watching her struggle... you can tell that she was trying to make them work, but at the same time... she couldn't wait to rip those things off and try something else... LMAO!

See this... you must!

The second part of the video was taken on my back porch. I had Emma sit there TOPLESS, while I asked her dumb questions. You can get a glimpse of her that you have not yet seen.

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