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Animated Fantasies with Nikki

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Aug 30, 2016
I just released Nikki's set #292 "Sheer = Non Nude", and my set description was getting a little long. So I wanted to add a bit more here in my plog pages and share some more about the animated fun I had with this set.

First off... I wanted to let you all know about the new Premium Image Quality that members are privelidged to.

All newly released and or remastered content now comes with a premium image zip file for members to download.

Once a premium zip file is extracted... you will be delighted to find a set of pictures like the sample here on this page.

Now for the animated fantasy fun... Here are the 4 from the set preview page.

Nikki Fingers Her Butt Hole
This is probably the closest we will ever get to seeing Nikki finger her ass... imaginate!
Self Spanking
If you know the Nik like I do... then it should be no surprise that she likes to be spanked. By her own self even.
Legs Wide Clit Rubbing
Here Nikki is being a good girl... she's doing what she was told to do. She was told to spread her legs wide as fuck, and not to move at all until she cums.
What a good girl... (Members GIF shows her full wing span)
Nikki Legs Open Masturbation
You (and I) have always wondered what Nikki looks like, while she is home alone. Ok... maybe she is not wearing a hot pink sheer top... but I garantee you that at least once in her lifetime, she has looked like this. Brought to you by the fly on the wall... p-f

Here is one more, but this one is a full res animation for members. Members have access to all 9 of the Full Res Animations.

Pile driver masturbator
I am not going to tell you what's in my head when I look at this one. It's too fucked up. Make up your own... :)

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