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phil-flash's AvatarMy first trip to Hungary... back when I was still married to the ex was quite an experience! My ex's family had a big welcome home party for her... (because it was 6 years that she had not returned to visit) and invited like the ENTIRE family. There were people from Germany, some other countries... I cannot remember... like Latavia or something... and the Ukraine.

So guess what... Vika as she liked to be called is my ex's cousin from Ukraine. After hanging out for awhile my wife told me that Viktoria was interested in what we do and maybe doing a shoot. Um... yeah! I was already dreaming about shooting the little tease slut. I call her a tease slut because she showed up to this family event wearing cut off jean shorts!!!

It is difficult to believe... that she would wear something like that to a family event. Trust me... I had a hard time believing it too! But guess what... that is... what Europe is... it is an entirely differnt ballgame over there. I was dying to take candid pictures of her the entire time... but that was way to risky so I didn't.

I hated the entire party... except for the glimpses of Vika's ass cheeks, her drive you insane voice/accent bursting out laughter and giggles every so often. Ugh! I hated being introduced to someone... having to "make out"... left cheek kiss, right cheek kiss. (that's what they do over there)

And then... the questions, the talk, the wife translating, the wife acting like our relationship is rock solid and all of that bunk that goes on at family events.

So the younger girls... or at least the girls around my wife's age were always together laughing and giggeling about whatever. There growing up together days and stuff... and I am standing there drinking some weird ass drinks just waiting for the day to end.

Then my wife at the time... pulls me aside and aks me if I want to shoot Vika. She said that Vika was really interested in doing a shoot... then the ex looks at me and shakes her head and whispers under her breathe... she wants the money. If you pay her $1000 USD she will do naked pictures.

I was like... soo excited... but had to act like it was just another shoot... I don't have too many nice things to say about my ex... however... she was a cleaver bitch. She could make some shit happen... and she could be sneaky about it too.

So this party is out on a lake... Lake Ballaton. My ex's family comes from money... and they all have an apartment by the lake. It is like a resort. She has one (that's where we stayed), her brother has one, and her mom and dad have one.

Well... the ex set it up that we were going to go see a movie at the local mall. She got the key to her brother's apartment on the lake, and took us there.

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