DOBJuly 1
Shoe Size7.5

1 Photo Set

phil-flash's Avatar Torrie showed up with an 80's hairdo and a fucked up spray tan. She did not look like she did in the pics she sent me while we were talking about setting up our shoot. AND THEN... after showing up... she had a confession... her tits are fake too!!! WTF???

The only thing that I was liking now was her big ass booty in her tight jeans. But when the jeans came off... I changed my mind. Her ass was spray tanned by a can of flat brown spray paint I think. WTF did I get myself into I asked myself...

Megan Summers was shooting that day as well. So I was bouncing back and forth shooting both of them. Honestly... the sets I shot with Torrie took about 15 minutes tops and the sets I shot with Megan I stretched out to about 45 minutes. I did not want to shoot this chick.

But at that point in time... I was Mr. Niceguy. I did not want to make models feel bad. Well am still nice... but I do not let models get away with fucking me over like this chick did back then.

When I shot this set... Torrie was getting a little into it. There is a part where she gets a ruler and starts spanking her ass. She slap happy and fucking smacked her ass at 297k beats per second. Or something close to that... it was almost embarrassing to ME and she was the idiot doing it. LOL

Then she is getting all reved up and she was rocing back and forth on all fours... almost as if sh was so turned on and she was inviting me to have sex with her or something. She pulled her panties down just a little bit and there was her asshole. Wah... wha... OMG... ok... click click! Remember... this was back in the NON NUDE days. I was not supposed to shoot any naked assholes (agreement with x wife). I was like... fuckit... I am gonna shoot that. So I did not say anything while her asshole was exposed and she pulled her panties back up thinking that I was not approving of that move. I told her... ah... you can pull your panties back down... that was hot. hehehe... So yeah that was the first time I shot a girls' asshole...

BTW... NOTHING happened between her and I... i finsihed the shoot and ignored all of her emails after the shoot.

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